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I’m Sarah – a web developer, digital designer, content creator, facilitator and all-round creative passionate about graphics, user experience and effective design.

My skills include Graphic and Editorial Design, Content Writing, Web Development and various creative art forms.

I am also experienced in content creation through photography and video. I am a self-taught web developer and self-starter competent in working independently, collaboratively with a team or tying up projects ends through problem-solving, analysis and report writing.

I have a wide-ranging set of skills in Creative Media from complex photo editing and image manipulation to filming and editing of short viral and sharable clips for social media. I can also create in-demand customised zoom video backgrounds for professional use or virtual social events. For Vloggers, I can create a batch of eye-catching HD YouTube thumbnails to help you maximise your audience reach. I also design leaflets and posters including book coversmusic album artevent e-posters as well as printed weddings and funeral invitations.

I have worked with UK charities such as Listening Ears, Rosebud Centre, Dyslexia Care Foundation and MercyGiven on Web Development, Social Media integration, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Generation, Content Writing, Remote Networking, and workshop facilitation in Creative Media and Video blogging, event documentation through photography and videos.

As an independent creative, my turnaround rate is very swift and I can demonstrate high proficiency in standard industry software and productivity tools.

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